Mortgage Pre Approval

You can find everything you need to know about mortgage pre approvals and how you can get approved as soon as possible.

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What is mortgage pre-approval?

Mortgage pre-approval is written documentation that states you are qualified for a mortgage loan amount under a specific term and interest rate.

It's important to be pre approved before you start your home search so that you know how much you can afford. Realtors will take you seriously if you approach them with your pre approval documentation.

You can get a pre approval from a mortgage broker or a lender. We recommend going with a broker like Breezeful because we can shop the best rate amongst thousands of mortgage products.

What is needed for mortgage pre approval?

Here are some of the things needed by a broker or lender in order to pre approve you for a mortgage:

How long does it usually take to get preapproved for a mortgage?

This usually depends on how soon you can get the documents from the above. If you have everything ready it can take up to three days but often a lot sooner. It's valid for 60 to 90 days but can be extended if you update your information/documentation.

Do mortgage pre approvals affect credit score?

Pre approvals affect your credit score so it's ideal to get with a broker or Breezeful. We only need to check your credit score once to compare it to over 30 lenders in the market.

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