Realtor Partnerships

Close your clients faster, give them a better mortgage experience and get paid while we do all the work for you.

How we can work together

  • Once your clients are ready get a mortgage, share your unique referral link and have them complete the pre qualification process on our website.
  • We'll educate them on the process and match them with an appropriate lender to get them from mortgage approval to close.
  • Once your client ends up closing their mortgage with Breezeful, we'll reward 500 for you and $100 for your client.

If we close 5 of your mortgage referrals we'll give you a bonus $1000.

Why partner with Breezeful?

It's simple. You get $500 and your client gets $100.

We automatically match your clients by scanning thousands of mortage products to ensure your clients will get the most competitive rate.

And finally, it's easy to share your unique referral link. There's no need to sign up. Simply enter your email to generate your unique link, share with your clients and you're on your way on getting you and your clients paid.

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